Kindle crashes and broken PowerShell: Something isn’t right with Windows 10 testing

(credit: Amazon)

Last week, we learned that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update caused trouble for many webcam users. Today, it’s the turn of Kindle owners to cry foul, with numerous reports that plugging a Kindle into a Windows 10 machine with the update will make the PC crash with a Blue Screen of Death.

This problem has more than a hint of the same feeling as the webcam issue: it’s the kind of thing that shows up quickly when using Windows 10 on a primary system but is going to be much more obscure if you only tested the Windows Insider previews in a virtual machine or secondary system—such systems are much less likely to be plugged in to all the many peripherals and gadgets that primary machines are. Microsoft’s own advice is that the Insider previews should not be installed on your “everyday computer.” That’s good advice; the quality of the builds released to the Insider program is far too inconsistent to make it a good option for a machine that you depend on. But that has consequences: the Insider program is going to consistently miss this kind of hardware interaction.

Investigation of the issue and development of a fix is apparently underway.

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