Microsoft says PS4 Pro isn’t powerful enough to do “true 4K”

I dunno… I still see some jagged edges on this logo…

Remember earlier in the week when I described the emerging competition over the coming world of 4K console gaming? That contest just got a little more direct and personal, judging by comments Microsoft head of Xbox planning Albert Penello made about the PS4 Pro in a recent Eurogamer interview.

“I know that 4.2 teraflops is not enough to do true 4K,” Penello said, referencing the reported hardware power of the PS4 Pro, which launches in November at $400. “So, I feel like our product aspired a little bit higher, and we will have fewer asterisks around the 4K experiences we deliver on our box.”

Penello’s comments followed on a more direct comparison between the “true 4K” capabilities of the upcoming Xbox One Scorpio (launching late next year, price unknown) and the PS4 Pro:

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