It’s time for laptop companies to switch to Precision Touchpad


A new build of Windows 10, version 14946, was released to insiders today. In common with the other builds we’ve seen since the release of the Anniversary Update, the new build doesn’t offer a whole lot of new functionality—we’re not expecting to see a ton of new features until Microsoft’s Windows 10 event later this month—but it does make a few small changes. One of these is a new interface for configuring touchpad gestures, pictured above.

This comes after the previous build made updates to touchpad handling to improve the detection of two-finger gestures and clicking. The Windows 10 Anniversary Update also made changes in this area, adding new four-finger gestures.

These changes are good to see. One of Apple’s traditional strengths with its computers has been its touchpads. Not only does Apple have accurate algorithms with accurate detection of clicks and gestures, it also has rich and configurable gestures built in to, and updated with, the operating system. With Windows 10, Microsoft is able to match this capability.

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