If you love Surface Pro 4 but hate the pen, there’s now a SKU for you


Ever since Microsoft introduced its Surface tablet PCs, Microsoft has pushed the importance of stylus input using the included pen. Accordingly, the Surface Pro has always included the pen in the box. The company has also made significant improvements to the usefulness of the pen in the most recent major update of Windows 10.

But if you really hate the pen, Microsoft now has a Surface Pro 4 SKU for you: the Surface Pro 4 (no pen). This takes the cheapest iteration of the Surface Pro 4—128GB storage, 4GB RAM, Skylake Core m3 processor, and no fan—and shaves $100 off the price (to $800) just by dropping the pen. Given how important the pen is supposed to be, this seems a bit strange to us, but Microsoft’s emphasis on stylus input has never quite matched our usage preferences. In this instance, the reality makes more sense than the marketing.

Oddly, if you decide later on that you do want the pen after all, you can buy one for $60 in a choice of colors and still come out $40 ahead of the pack-in option.

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