Microsoft launches Windows Insider Program for Business to get IT involved

With its Windows Insider Program, Microsoft has recruited several million Windows enthusiasts to provide beta testing of—and feedback about—Windows 10 as it is developed. But Redmond wants to expand the reach of this program to gain greater insight into corporate users, and to do that, it has unveiled the Windows Insider Program for Business (awfully abbreviated to WIP4Biz).

The new scheme was launched at the company’s Ignite Australia conference, reports Neowin. Corporate users have different usage patterns from the current Insiders; corporate machines are more likely to be domain joined, more likely to be remotely managed, and more likely to use Group Policies and other features. Some Windows features, such as Hyper-V-based sandboxing, are only available to corporate users, as they require Windows 10 Enterprise.

With most current Insiders being home users and hobbyists, these features are unlikely to be thoroughly tested in the Insider program, and Microsoft receives relatively little feedback for how well they work or how they could be improved.

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