Xbox Project Scorpio will be at E3


Despite some umming and ahhing from Xbox boss Phil Spencer in January, it looks like Microsoft will showcase its upcoming 4K games console dubbed “Project Scorpio” at this year’s E3.

The company tweeted out an invite to its annual E3 media briefing, which features a teaser render of Scorpio’s supposedly 4K-capable CPU/GPU combo. Unlike previous years, Microsoft’s press conference is taking place on the Sunday before E3, rather than the Monday. Those interested can tune in at 14:00 PDT/22:00 BST on June 11 to find out more.

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio was unveiled at E3 2016 alongside the Xbox One S. The latter, which features a much improved design as well as a 4K Blu-ray drive, has rejuvenated the Xbox brand after a shaky launch. But Sony’s PlayStation 4 continues to dominate the console market, with the recently released PlayStation 4 Pro giving console gamers access to 4K games—some native, some upscaled—for the first time.

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